Spain is a fascinating country with a rich diversity of landscapes, traditions and cultures, reflected in its cuisine and wines, all of them making Spain unique. Our main objective is to get our customers to know a different Spain, more authentic, less travelled, less known and at slower pace; they will be offered a new perspective of our surprising country that surely will mesmerize them. In The Other Spain we think that today’s real luxury is to live these experiences through the alternative routes we propose to less travelled spots, to experiment adventures that result in a greater emotional impact.

Time is most probably one of the most appreciated goods we own nowadays, that is why we try to optimize it and to make it more profitable. Delegating the organization of a special travel to an agency such as ours it is a wise decission considering that our customers know that they are going to be looked after and very well been advised. They also know that they will live unique emotions and experiences in the least known Spain. In Spain there are still little treasures to be discovered, remote places out of the standard tours where you can breathe its authenticity and where the experience of being there is the real luxury.

Travelling has become a setting for experiences, a perfect emotion generator to create brand image, that is why the incentive trips are one of the best experiential marketing tools for customers and employee experiences. The main objective is to get the people out of their comfort zone and make them to be participants of a memorable and transforming experience. Our challenge is to make our customers come back home after their event or travel with new sensations, with a different view and with the satisfaction of having been living something truly special and unique.

We invite you to discover and to experience it with us!

The Other Spain Team